The Twelve Core Action Values

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Core Action Value #12 is Leadership

Expectations, Example, Encouragement, and Celebration.

"There are various distinctions between management and leadership - management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing.  There is also obvious overlap between the two.  I think of management as a job description; your organization can make you a manager by giving you a title, a new set of responsibilities.  Leadership, by contrast, is a life decision; it is the ongoing commitment to seek opportunities to improve upon the status quo, and then to take the initiative to make those improvements."

-Joe Tye


Core Action Value #11: Service

Helpfulness, Charity, Compassion, and Renewal

"At one time, the words "servant leadership" would have been considered an oxymoron (in fact, some leaders still act as if that were the case).  But in one organization after another, it’s been proven that the most successful leaders are those who first and foremost see themselves as servants, not as served"

-Joe Tye


Core Action Value #10: Enthusiasm

Attitude, Energy, Curiosity, Humor

"Enthusiasm is the spark that creates personal happiness and professional success.  Its presence or absence in organizations determines the difference between a negative, high-stress work environment and one that is positive, productive, and resilient.  Enthusiasm is contagious and it’s spreading presence can bring to fruition even the grandest of dreams and most naïve of expectations. Enthusiastic people are happier and more successful because they expect to be happier and more successful - they are positive, and they are optimistic.  Their enthusiasm becomes the fuel of self-empowerment. Enthusism is the active ingredient in positive thinking."

-Joe Tye


Core Action Value #9: Focus

Target, Concentration, Speed, Momentum

"The one thing that perhaps more than any other quality that defines people of genius and great accomplishment is their ability to focus on their most important priority, to the exclusion of all else.  The more you can say no to the trivial distractions and diversions of today, the more you will say yes to your most cherished goals and dreams of tomorrow"

-Joe Tye

photo provided by J.Roush

Core Action Value #8: Vision

Attention, Imagination, Articulation, Belief

"You can remember the future more clearly and more accurately than you can remember the past: you have a much more clear and accurate mental picture of where you will be tomorrow than you do of your second birthday.  The real secret of successful people is that they create memories of the future not just for tomorrow, but for years down the road."

-Joe Tye


photo provided by J. Roush

Core Action Value #7: Purpose

Aspiration, Intentionality, Selflessness, Balance

“Your work is the hammer and chisel with which you carve the statue that will be the future you.  The work a person chooses to do, and how they choose to do it, is a key determinant of who they become.”

-Joe Tye


Photo provided by J. Roush

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Core Action Value #6: Faith

Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, and Spirituality

"In the truest and original sense of the word, to have faith does not mean that you accept without question a certain religious dogma. Rather, it means that you act with fidelity (as in being faithful to another person or to a cause), and that you have trust in something that is beyond your own power to control (as in trusting in God, or trusting in the future, during times of difficulty). Is there any community, any organization, or any family that could not be strengthened by such faith?"

-Joe Tye


photo by J. Roush